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writing a lot he's sending directions in writing of course it is hard because he's not he's doesn't have access to interviews he's not able to answer any of the exemptions that other candidates make make against him is not able to defend himself to do or the country which is what he really desires to be with the people and to explain his age and he's you know new ideas of for the future of the country. the migrant crisis is once again causing divisions within the e.u. with its late now threatening to hold to its payments to the blog it comes off to its neighbor fuse to allow a migrant ship to dock in sicily while demanding the e.u. share more of the bed and because the e.u. does not respect agreements and does not meet its commitments we as a political force are no longer ready to give them twenty billion a year let's not engage in finger pointing we also believe in constructive comments
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less alone threats are not helpful and will not get us any closer to solution the boats at the center of the route has been stuck in ports and able to talk since monday night with one hundred seventy seven migrants on board they've now begun hunger strike to protest with tensions growing even the united nations is waiting in and its latest reports the organization edge is all in states to take part in the relocation process and italy in particular to allow all the refugees on board the boat to disembark the italian government's meantime has now allowed sixteen migrants off the boat for medical treatment as well as twenty seven young stith. the u. needs to step up in the meantime we are about maintaining health and human rights standards on board the day we have allowed miners to disembark. well professor of modern european history bennett dany says that is problems and not restricted to
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handling of the migrant crisis. where i'm going to make you cry. and this goes away. so. we. can see this is. not something. i'm. not good. on. par with. such a. family is a. lot of things are not going. to. go. the poverty line is the.
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way it's been with. some of the most active and professional i see. so says have been and on a mislead spilling the beans about russia's alleged hacking for some time particularly the two thousand and sixteen presidential election intelligence sources tell him b.c. news there is no doubt the russians are trying to influence the presidential election a source tells n.b.c. news law enforcement and democratic sources telling c.n.n. that in a fired sources two sources with links to the counter intelligence community anonymous sources according to anonymous washington post source. now in the event as midterm elections fast approaching those sources have gone cold that's according to the new york times and a nearly published article which cites u.s. officials say against a number of reasons and reports that the sources have gone silence to to pressure
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from russia security sampa says the expulsion of u.s. intelligence officers from moscow is also said to have played a role as has the outing of an f.b.i. informant back in may now human rights lawyer. believes however that there are a far greater challenges facing american democracy then suspected russian meddling . no evidence that russia is trying to interfere in the midterm elections due thousand and eighteen and yet they take the some of the new york callum's takes the absence of evidence as evidence you know but that that seems par for the course for the scandal and i would say that people probably have a right not to believe that you are selectable system but not because russian alleged russian interference book because frankly you have a system that is skewed by moneyed interests by mass just an franchised mint of people particularly african-americans. you have a lot of gerrymandering which benefits one party over another usually the
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republicans those are things that people should worry about not russia or here let's say new foreign still to come on our taste spanish football fans need some neat games and that's set to be played on u.s. soil that story and will after the break. the features are laws that say the collapse gap when the soviet union collapsed because of the u.s. meddling in boris yeltsin and all that's going on they have the skyrocketing alcoholism and so shoulder. here in the us because you have this enormous financial aid reengineering to take all the money being printed and put in the pockets of a few folks and leave the vast majority in a state of zombification this is the collapse gap he was talking about the u.s.
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and the soviet union both collapse in the one thousand nine hundred ninety period it just took a stake in the u.s. as he describes it you know longer to realize that collapse. you know they would see. it as a levels from. the community. people we are based on the you know the road. to me all you got is all bible going towards him. you know. that's. the way.
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she's going to. use your money don't. give us all that. you don't. know we're going to this. club it doesn't come back doesn't it also topping the my life. i've seen my own have to die. welcome back to the program now russia's defense ministry has claimed that terrorists in syria are preparing to stage a chemical attack in order to provoke western military intervention. according to information confirmed by several independent sources terrorist groups to here a sham is preparing another provocation aimed at implicating the syrian government in the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population it province.
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the provocation which is being organized with the active help of british intelligence services is intended to serve as yet another pretext for a missile strike by the u.s. the u.k. and france again state an industry facilities in syria we now see plans for the syrian regime to resume our fence of military activities and it would prohibit we're obviously concerned. about the possibility that it may use chemical weapons again if the syrian regime uses chemical weapons we will respond very strongly i think washington is preparing for a strike in the region and for all the wrong reasons you know i think you got to
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look at the bigger picture of what's happening in syria america and from it is looking increasingly in significant i mean to use the term illusions is almost an understatement they don't really seem to have any real impact on the ground anymore with their biggest ally in the whole region the kurds in the last few days looking more and more like is that going to strike a deal with the assad regime so you've got a certain amount of embarrassment on trump's side you know people in america not just media but all sorts of people are asking well what is america actually doing there on the ground. with no solution to the escalating us china trade war in sight reports suggest beijing may wait until after america's midterm elections before it seeks any more talks on the dispute with caleb maupin half the details. frayed talks between the usa and china have failed again now trump would like to push all the blame on to beijing however the situation don't mess to clean might
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have more to do with it chinese state media is openly arguing the trump is using the trade wars and tariffs as a gimmick in order to win political support trump likely to feel insecure good ahead of midterm elections the meet term elections are one of the key reasons the u.s. has maintained a tough stance towards china made list to say china is not eager to play into trump's hand officials there and reportedly said that they're suspending the talks until after the midterm vote it makes pretty good sense for china to cancel the talks until after november why because if the midterm vote doesn't go in terms favor it could be more than congress that's up for change i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job if i ever got a ph i think the market would pressure i think everybody would be very poor might think trumps playing with fire by saying i'm doing a good job don't impeach me especially when it's pretty clear that the i word is on
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everyone's mind you could say it's the talk of the town in washington d.c. could he be impeached with this impeach trump the idea of impeachment time for impeachment you could have even been preachment is probably likely but there is i think a lot for the president to fear compared to the previous administration top seems to have done almost a one eighty when it comes to dealing with the people's republic of china we welcome. the peaceful rise of china consistent with international norms that's good for everybody we are being taken advantage of and i don't like it so you have to ask the question are those who talk about impeaching donald trump are really doing american business is a favor after all the idea that donald trump might be packing his bags after november doesn't really put him in a strong spot when it comes to practicing his art of the deal montra the chinese have a. doctored fairly strong if not hard line position for the time being the chinese
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feel that they have been be treated and mistook from posts not followed through on his word they heard a joint statement and a consensus that north tariffs were going to be issued the china agreement are collapsed within a week and have this point of time there's just no trumpet or no trust in his ward and i do not see. serious decisions and serious all plans coming from these discussions over the next couple of months china is holding on to beyond the mid-term elections and i think it's a very good strategy. to sport now where barcelona's lionel messi and real madrid said jerry brown mass plus other club captain since spain's top football league appoints to go on strike that softer the league's official signed a deal with an american company to play regular games on u.s. soil spanish fans aren't thrilled either at the prospect of having to fork out and fly out alexy or chef ski reports. shocker in spanish football
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real madrid and f.c. barcelona are not loved as much anymore by their home fans the opening games for the giants saw the lowest stadium attendance for both in a decade with ryall you can try to attribute this to a certain number seven leaving the club for italy but leo messi is men are not used to seeing dwindling support company or maybe fans voted with their feet because both games kicked off very late quarter past ten pm on a sunday night madrid's german superstar twenty cross could not hide his feelings on twitter to boot the time of the game so late ten or even later worked a. bust and thus too late for the children league bosses have now gone even further signing an agreement with american company relevant sports to have at least one game between spanish superclubs played on the u.s.
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soil yes you heard it right spanish domestic league played in the united states in miami to be precise and i was there last year at a sold out friendly version of el classico reale vs bossa where tickets to what essentially was an exhibition game started at a whopping three hundred dollars that would get you a season ticket for all home games at most spanish clubs but charlie still eternal owner of relevant sports told me that was not enough as someone turned to me when i was three to two and they were still going back and forth and up and down he said maybe you should have charged more for this. while the company claims the move would boost popularity of the game across the pond many believe it will only line corporate pockets at the expense of ordinary fans. one of the. that's not the issue for you. but it
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doesn't mean that. the work that's being done. but all to themselves more than they only think about and imagine if that game thousands of kilometers away is decisive for winning the league or surviving in it and the spanish fans are not exactly the richest in the world that's why not only them but players themselves have been outraged the spanish footballers association lumb basket this deal in a statement and to add even more fuel to the fire the captains of all twenty league clubs you name is least they could go on strike. go to the end we unanimously against the one we complain it's because we believe that our rights have been violated so that's enough so we'll go into glee and the deal for shock waves across the old world with many in england fearing that the f.a. could follow in law leagues footsteps it didn't help that silly town or openly
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stated that he wanted to bring english football across the atlantic too and with the twenty twenty six world cup heading to north america you have to wonder what else is planned to raise the beautiful games popularity in the land of soccer. ski r.t. . u.s. republican senator john mccain has died at the age of eighty one just over a year after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer his family say he had decided to end his treatment on friday mccain was a six term senator and two thousand and eight republican presidential nominee one of the us political establishment most hawkish figures mccain had supported military intervention in numerous conflicts around the world including in the former yugoslavia as well as afghanistan iraq and syria politicians from both the republican and democratic parties have been expressing their condolences and donald
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trump it previously been a fierce critic of mccain has also sent his deepest sympathies. well there are now up to date with the latest news if you want any real time updates on any of our stories covered stay you can give us a follow on social media meanwhile i'll see you at the top of the hour. what holds as. they put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i wanted. to do it to be for
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us this is what before three of the more people. interested in the waters of. fish. welcome to worlds apart from the reigning nuclear deal once branded as a major achievement of american diplomacy has now become the poster child for the absence of it dull trans decision to renege on the agreement not only reopens a major international problem but it also calls into question the very means of
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solving it with ellie's betrayed and adversaries befuddled how should the world navigate its way forward well to discuss that and now i'm joined by jared blank senior fellow at the carnegie endowment for international peace and formerly a year's state department chords in a very very ran you claim for mentation mr blank it's so good to talk to you thank you very much for finding time for us thank you now i'm sure you are greatly disappointed by present trends decision to wire walk away from the j c b o eight but hopefully there is still some room for damage control. well i suppose you can call damage control there from the u.s. perspective no good outcomes here one possibility is that the path that we're currently on the successful and that's that immediately after president trumps announcement president rouhani said ok we're going to stay in the deal for a little while and give time for the other participants mainly the three european countries to see what they can offer us to make it worth our while to stay in long
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term that could succeed it would be good from the perspective that would keep her on the nuclear program under control and under inspection but it would leave the united states very isolated and europe for the position to confront other problematic iranian policies alternatively those. negotiations might fail which would lead to a resumption of industrial scale enrichment and a serious serious problem for the region in the world now trump is obviously in violation of the american obligations but to some extent he's choosing his word because last winter he gave the europeans what looked like an ultimatum that he was going to do it on the last the transatlantic allies could gree on sound ways of shoring up the deal and i gather from your articles that the talks which began in january were progressing fairly well what do you think may have happened to upset all about progress well i think it's a combination of a lack of sincerity on president terms part he wasn't really looking to come to an
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agreement with our allies he was looking to act on his animus toward his predecessor barack obama. and also the total chaos and dysfunction in this administration so the president gave his ultimatum senior officials worked on negotiations with the europeans i don't think there was any process to brief the president on the progress and so you know he heard about it from president mccrone and from chancellor merkel but but had not been buying into the decisions made along the way as you pointed out in one of your articles they were a number of things that trump could have done he could have extended the sanctions waiver to allow a little bit more time for the talks and yet he decided to and it abruptly after all those meetings cordell meetings with president mccrone and chancellor merkel to the russians dot looked kind of through a do you think he was trying to make some point to some some nasa edge to the
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europeans or is it just mr trump being who he is you know it's hard to know if he was trying to send a message but certainly after all the bonamy of the meeting after the supposedly improved atmosphere in the merkel meeting and then he actually tried. his intention to make this announcement and to have telegraphed where it was going while foreign secretary boris johnson was actually in washington trying to convince vice president pence and the secretary of state to continue the negotiations it whether or not he was intending to be rude whether he was trying to send a message this clearly isn't the way allies behave toward one another the russians are often accused of and into taking all sorts of conspiracy theories and i personally think that's a cultural thing rather than political because we enjoy a counter-intuitive explanations and one such conspiracy theory that's been. stalking me as a vice preparing for this program is a thought of whether or not iran is the main thing here do you really think that.
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the major thing here asked mr trump sass is this fear of iran's potential nuclear program oh absolutely not if the concern were on the nuclear program the solution was the j c p u. if anything the pulling out of the running the risk that iran will restart industrial scale enrichment that raises the possibility of increased conflict across the board so if you want to conflict with iran this is the way to go this is obviously not about trying to contain iran's nuclear ambitions but also that what i think this is really about is barack obama president trump is trying to tear down the accomplishments of his predecessor i think it's pretty clear from his public remarks that he does not understand what was in the g. c.p.u. a or what is in the g. c.p.o. a and it doesn't really matter to him he doesn't have a policy objective he just wants to disparage barack obama and what about the
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so-called european allies because. there are some many issues involved i mean the fate of the european. exemptions from tariffs on steel and aluminum is still very much up in the arrows to make his. until june first now there is a throws to make his decision until june first now there is a threat of. secondary sanctions we are talking about a very very large chunk of the economy do you think all these economic issues and i'm trying to phrase it very carefully not to be accused of russian bias but still do you think these economic issues are going to be featured in the political discussions on the run sure i mean the first thing you need to say about this is that from the from europe's perspective iran does not matter economically so whatever decisions europe makes these are the the j c p u a are going to be national security could decisions and political decisions if they
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want iran to stay in the g c p a way they're going to have to offer some additional economic benefits but that's not because europe is you know deeply in hammered of the possibility of trade with iran i do think though to your question your broader question europe is perceiving all of these things as a piece of the steel and aluminum tariffs the recent sanctions on russia. the resumption of sanctions on iran i think you see the united states disregarding the needs and interests of its allies and europe and other allies are going to have to look at this and decide how to respond in order to protect their own control and yet mr blank you suggested before that in the event of trying to pull out your of will likely side with the united states even if it blames the current administration for ruining this deal and if it does i think the european leaders will essentially have to accept that their level of credibility is the same as trump is that they are moral equals and i personally don't think there's much
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trouble on that side as far as the u.k. is concerned but when it comes to germany when it comes to france do you think they can afford it from a moral point of view do you think chancellor merkel for one can bring herself to be seen as standing shoulder to shoulder with trump on that. well first of all i think that's a little bit unfair trump is the trump is the actor he is the decision maker in this terrible decision the european leaders are now stuck with a series of very uncomfortable dilemmas that they will need to resolve but but they're not the ones who created this disaster what i wrote though was that if iran were to were to respond to our violation with a violation of their own i'm quite sure that europe will side with the united states if you have the u.s. out of out of out of compliance in iran out of compliance then europe will side with us even if we were the if it's our fault if iran manages to stay in compliance i think europe is in a much more difficult situation and the possibility that they will try to strike
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a additional bargain with iran to provide some replacement economic benefits is real but i think the question here is not only striking additional concessions for iran but also negotiating that with the united states because i'm i'm pretty sure you're heard a number of officials and the trauma administrations directly almost ordering our european companies german companies to get out of iran to seize their business operations there immediately. that's hardly seems to be below that you employ a bit with the allies but putting that aside do you think the united states needs to be taught a lesson here that's essentially the question i'm trying to ask you do you think the european union needs to take a moral stance in this on this particular issue to show the united states the trumpet ministration and in this example that this is not ok to conduct international politic policies like that i'm an american i'm an american former official i'm not going to call on europe or anyone else to teach the united states
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a lesson i think europe has got a very very hard set of decisions to make where they'll need to decide they need to weigh problems in the transatlantic relationship against their real concerns their national security concerns about the resumption of iranian unconstrained nuclear program. i'm. sympathetic to how difficult those decisions are going to be as i started out by saying from the u.s. perspective there are only bad answers here either you've got europe essentially isolating us because they find a way to save the deal or you've got europe failing to save the deal and return to iran returning to unconstrained in richmond which is a huge problem for us for europe and for the world but hold on mr blank you may have forgotten but it was the administration you worked for the obama administration which was very proud of forging the so-called european consensus on sanctions against russia back in two thousand and fourteen and the rationale backed
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down was that. russia in your eyes violated certain norms of behavior and needed to be assigned a signal that this is not the way you conduct yourself on the international arena now we now have the united states which clearly violated its obligations to reach is involved in behavior that you clearly disapprove of you made it very clear throughout this program which also leads to an increase in confrontation in the middle east should the united states be sent a similar signal that this is not the kind of behavior that. its european allies welcome on the international arena. leaders around the world including from our closest allies have condemned this decision and the very fact that europe has now shifted from negotiating with the united states to negotiating with iran is a strong rebuke to the decision that president trump made i would i describe
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president obama's leadership on sanctions with iran with russia with other countries a little bit differently from what you did i don't think it's a question about germany making a moral stand or a value judgment what i would say is that we were able to convince countries around the world that on a variety of problems we had a plan and a way forward. and that if countries are willing to suffer a certain amount of economic dislocation in the short term we can solve real problems and so in the iran case we were able to convince the government of russia china india as well as our closest allies to stick with us and we got to the. un some of russia's policies we were able to convince as you say germany and other european countries to suffer some real economic harm because they thought we had a plan i think the problem now is that the united states is proving that we cannot be trusted with this tool and so the chances of getting even our closest allies let alone a nontraditional partners like russia like china decide with us i think they're they're much much reduced i don't know if.


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